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The Center

The Center for Travel Anxiety was founded in 1998. It is run by Jean Ratner and Cornelia Tietke, both holding masters degrees in clinical social work with many years experience as psychotherapists treating anxiety, panic, phobias, depression, trauma, and other issues. From our personal experiences with phobias, as well as our professional training and many years of experience, we know how to help you. Each of us is pleased to be your personal coach, giving you new information, skills, tools, and confidence to get you on your way. Your world will expand and we know that you will gain a tremendous sense of personal freedom.

Jean Ratner, LCSW-C

Founder and Director of the Center, Jean has over 20 years specializing in treatment of panic disorders and phobias. Her BA is from Smith College and her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work was done at Simmons College in Boston. Her office is in Bethesda, MD.

Jean was a fearful flyer many years ago and stopped flying for several years. She has been back to flying for many years, including long distance flights to Australia, Europe, and China. She is devoted to the program and gets great pleasure out of helping each person travel wherever and whenever they want.

Cornelia Tietke, LICSW

Cornelia is therapist in private practice, treating anxiety and trauma disorders. She earned her BA at Harvard University and her MSW at Catholic University. Her office is in Northwest DC, very close to the Friendship Heights metro.

Cornelia has overcome her own claustrophobia and can fly in planes with ease. She has flown to Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US West Coast, and she has even loved flying in a small sea plane. Though she doesn't love getting stuck on the runway, she can handle it as well as anyone else. She takes great joy in helping people face their fears, whatever they may be.

We're in the News

Our gradual desensitization program is extremely effective. Our phobia work related to travel has been featured on CBS This Morning, CBS Eyewitness News, NPR's WAMU Radio, The National Geographic Traveler, Family Circle, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and The Baltimore Sun. American Express interviewed us for a fear of flying article. We were pleased to be featured on and